The rapid pace of technological changes makes our head spin. Led by the Internet, -e-commerce and digital networking and media, businesses have to continually increase their awareness to stay competitive. The changes affect how we remain profitable through new sales and marketing strategies, and customer service. Just understanding the vocabulary of Blogs, Podcasts, Online ranking sites, and Wikis will be a start for some audiences.

Our speakers can illuminate both the “big picture” and industry-specific trends which can change the way you do business. As one participant recently said – “it’s a big world out there”. The question for many businesses is how to connect with it.

One cutting-edge presenter we recently booked a speaker explored how digital technologies have transformed culture and commerce and gave examples of how small- to medium-sized businesses are using social media to market themselves.
He answered questions like:
- What is “social media”, how is it being used, and what kinds of enterprises are using it?
- WHY use social media? What are the benefits? Upsides? Realities? Potential pitfalls?
- How can I use social media to build awareness? To be found? To communicate? To sell?
- How do I differentiate using social media in a competitive, noisy marketplace?

Let us help you locate speakers or consultants who can shed light on the new marketplace.