Team Development

Seattle Bookings (aka Seattle Training & Consulting) has provided Northwest organizations tools and strategies that apply to various types of teams - such as geographic teams, task teams, operational teams and executive boards.

Our keynoters include folks like Don James and Tom Flick who can tell stories from the perspective of the playing field with a team - drawing important lessons from real-life challenges and success. Your audiences will laugh and have fun with these local stars.

Our consultants help groups:
   * Clarify roles and responsibilities
   * Build relationships
   * Establish goals
   * Build a culture of support
   * Use techniques for building positive relationships
   * Have fun together!

After interviews and focus groups to guide us in our needs assessment, we design programs for management and supervisory staff or employees and intact teams.  We also have train-the-trainer programs where internal facilitators or "coaches" who ensure successful continuation of team development.

The targets of  team development are to:
* Help employees understand implications of teamwork

* Improve the confidence of participants in the skills they already possess and those they will develop

* Develop essentials of teamwork to apply immediately including communication and leadership skills

* Practice and enhance skills for lon-going work and meetings

Our consultants can help your organization create an understanding of the various stages of team development - forming, norming, storming and performing – and how to build positive relationships so organizations can reach their goals.