Strategic Planning

Whether you are looking for help with long range business planning or someone to help others with individual goal setting, we have an experienced professional to assist you.  Goal setting can improve overall effectiveness in both our professional and personal lives.

Business environments
Our facilitators provide guidelines for learning how to improve overall managerial effectiveness for individuals working with groups including how to:

* understand problem identification and to use various fact-gathering strategies to solicit group input  including reviewing existing facts, interviews, and questionnaires

* use decision making tools to deal with challenges within their areas of responsibility, often turning conflict into cooperation

* apply a systematic approach to problem solving  and group decision making to maximize time spent in meetings

Personal Focus
Explore the how and why of goal setting.  Why set goals? Why is it so effective in helping people with personal achievement?  How can you move to action and overcome procrastination?

The science of goal setting reveals how goals focus our energies and help us control self-doubt increase self-discipline.  Learn the latest self-management techniques on how to create and structure goals that will work for you. 

Learn proven strategies for goal setting, values clarification, planning and achievement of balance in our work and personal lives.


Legal Foundation of Washington, Executive DirectorResponsive and attentive to the needs of our organization.  Your staff answered questions, provided guidance, and relayed information that contributed to the overall success of our retreat. Stephany Bruell did a great job

Point BFirst class service .. timely assistance and very courteous. I saved significant time in research. All presenters have met or exceeded expectations. Keep up the good work - you have a "personal touch" which is welcome!