Sports Keynotes

Sports Keynotes often provide a means of communication information through anecdotes and metaphors we all can grasp quickly with little effort. Audiences find sports speakers engaging and memorable.

The competitive as well as cooperative spirit found in the sports arena can transfer skills, techniques and strategies utilized by successful coaches and athletes to transform your work group into a highly motivated and team. The goal of interdependence, communication, and leadership is the same on and off the playing field. Your employees will make the connection!

Oberto’s Sausage CompanyWasn’t sure where to go to get an Olympic speaker - your help was invaluable!  Really appreciated your help.

Washington’s LotteryTony Ventrella was easy to work with and did an excellent job for us.  Everyone I’ve spoken to about his presentation was impressed. This couldn’t have been easier - I identified what we were looking for, and all of the screening work was done for me. The quality of service was excellent. 

Gases And Welding Distributors Assn (GAWDA) DJDon James was all that we expected and more! The presentation was excellent and Don & Carol were a big hit at our social events!