Sales and Marketing

Marketing and selling in today’s rapidly changing business climate and global marketplace presents all of us with a whole new ballgame.

We have consultants who help clients develop corporate marketing strategies and strategically driven promotional materials. Perhaps no aspect of doing business has changed as much as marketing in today’s world – companies need integrated programs combining various promotional media, including advertising, media relations, public relations, Internet, and other new media, as well as print and broadcast materials. training. It is important to remember that selling is not a spectator sport! Employees need to be organized, consistent, and persistent AND trained. Contact us for suggestions on training your sales staff in strategies that will improve you bottom line.

Our keynote speakers deliver upbeat messages and we receive frequent comments such as this one:

David, we would like to thank you for your part in making the 2009 Fintegra National Sales Conference absolutely outstanding. You brought the right mix of industry knowledge and humor to the message of what is truly important in life: that laughter is a crucial part of daily life – and it is the key to keeping your sanity in times like these. The message reminding them to develop theri game plan and schedule their priorities is one they can never hear enough.

Thanks you for sharing your vauable ideas and personal experiences with the Fintegra Accounty Executives. Your presentation certainly kicked off Friday morning on a bright note – we look forward to the day we can invite you to join us again."