Personal Issues

Conference planners often turn to Seattle Bookings Speaker Bureau for presenters – keynotes and breakouts on topics relating to the personal lives of their attendees. We have presenters who address “hot” topics – affecting the lives of the “Boomers” and the “GenXers” as well as high tech and high touch issues we all face in our daily lives. The media blasts us with information relating to protecting our environment, nurturing our children, and improving our communities. Having an expert who can speak specifically to concerns and answer questions helps individuals clarify information and obtain the necessary resources they may need to face those everyday challenges.

One local celebrity and author of eleven books, Dr. Jane Adams, has been researching and reporting on how people cope with life span transitions for nearly three decades.  Her writing, speaking and personal coaching focus on the psychological, interpersonal and professional lives of American women and their families.  Her most recent book BOUNDARY ISSUES:  Using Boundary Intelligence to Get the Intimacy You Need and the Independence You Want in Life, Love and Work.

This groundbreaking book illuminates a previously unexplored capability that exists in everyone – the ability to manage one’s psychological boundaries to improve every personal and professional relationship.

Client comments:
"Dynamic. Absolutely Wonderful !" "Thoughtful, provocative and strong-hearted...listening to her is like spending an hour with the kind of friend who brings out the best in you."

"The response was extraordinary--she really captured the audience and gave us our best meeting in years."

"Wonderful--warm, witty and down-to-earth, she had the audience with her throughout her entire speech!"

"She's been there--she brings a lot of credibility to her presentations."

"The best program we've ever had--smart, savvy, and moving.

"Jane really does her homework: she understood our mission, made an effort to speak to our specific concerns, and made our donor lunch the most successful event we've ever had.