Managing Change

People tend to get stuck! The edge of change can be daunting to both individuals and organizations.  How can you be better prepared for change? Good communication skills, clear priorities, realistic expectations and an open attitude all help. In today’s fast-moving world, it is important to understand how to deal with common resistance to change and take initiative in the work setting. Training can help organizations and employees at every level to thrive during change.

Many organizations have utilized our services to mange the challenges of various types of transitions - including downsizing, reorganizations, new leadership, culture changes, and merging of divisions. Our consultants have helped them in managing these changes smoothly - assisting in everything from assessments, retreats, training, strategic planning, mediation, and coaching. 

Keynotes will motivate audiences to thrive on change, release creativity and learn positive coping mechanisms for managing change. One approach to change is to look at it with humor like Dr. Patt Schwab in her presentation When Hell Freezes Over, Ice Skate! Patt says:
    No one likes change except a baby with a wet diaper.

    The future is bearing down on us like a pavement steam roller. Our choice is to climb into the driver’s seat or to risk becoming part of the road!

In training sessions, participants cover topics such as:

* Discussion of the change model
* The nature of transitions –Realities vs.-Myths
* Impacts on the individual –Manager /Team Members
* Impacts on the organization
* How to recognize resistance in self and others
* Identifying empowerment strategies
* Recognizing the need to plan for change
* Techniques for planning for change
* Assessing progress in the change process

Our consultants can provide guidance, coaching and training to steer your organization to a strong position in the new global, technology-fed marketplace.