Intergenerational Workforce

Inter-generational communciation presents many challenges today - in marketing, consumer behavior, customer service, team communications and leadership styles. Forward-thinking organizations proactively sensitize their boards, leaders and management structure to issues of a multi-generational workforce and society. The investment pays dividends in staying competitive by retaining valued older workers and in attracting, recruiting and training new employees as well as building loyalty among all levels throughout their organizations.

Dorothy Wilhelm, seasoned keynoter who calls herself a Geriatric Cheerleader,  shares humorous and inspiring anecdotes in her presentation - Bridging the Generation Gap - Let's be sure we're building bridges and not battleships. When Dorothy speaks about the four-generation workforce, people listen!

Here are some of her qualifications for this topic:
* Wrote a regular column for the 50+ section in the News Tribune.
* Presented a television show, 50-50, for people over fifty for more than ten years.
* Her radio show, Never Too Late, won a National Mature Media Merit Award.
Her editor at the News Tribune, Gary Jasinek said, "When it comes to the voice of people over Fifty in the Northwest, Dorothy is IT!”

Another Northwest presenter, Dr. John Gibson, is a recognized expert on understanding and leading our multi-generational workforce and on our rapidly growing 50+ population. He is the author of 5 books including Four Generations: Bringing Out the Best in Our Multi-Generational Workforce, and, Older Workers: 60 Days to Understanding and Bringing Out the Best in Our Aging Workforce.

His presentation, Leading Generations at Work, explores how leaders can prosper with the many generations working so closely together. People age 50+ now represent more than one third of the total U.S. population - over 12,000 turn 60 every day. Increasingly, both the 50+ and multiple generations characterize our society and workforce. The 50+ are a rapidly growing portion of the workforce and of our society

Learn how to make this powerful and growing segment a vital ingredient in your organization’s  success with Dr. John Gibson by enhancing your understanding and effectiveness in leading today’s multi-generational workforce.

DOL Leadership conference JGI enjoyed the John Gibson and the topic of multi-generational communication - the differences in communication styles, manners, etc. from one generation to the next. I now have a better understanding how to effectively communicate with generations outside of my own.  This presentation taught the differences and how to work through them by recognizing those differences.