Business Leadership

Leaders can accomplish great things through others. Leadership presentations and training provide the latest theories as well as practical ideas, strategies, and tools for motivating and coaching employees, in teams or one-on-one.  Leaders can get the best from individuals and teams in an open, cooperative environment in which employees feel comfortable giving and exchanging ideas. Seattle Bookings (aka Seattle Training & Consulting) has organized organization-wide series of training in business leadership and team leadership for Northwest companies and agencies. 

Participants in our leadership series commented:

DOL Leadership SeriesThis was a valuable course in understanding what makes for good leadership and team building. I'm going back with excellent tools for dealing with current challenges!I now have tools to confront situations which I have avoided in the past. I see ways to handle situations in a productive manner. I gained knowledge to continue moving our organization to the changes occurring in society.Will help me achieve cooperative decision making.  I'm always making decisions, taking risks and negotiating - mostly informally. I am now aware of methods, other styles, and a more formal process.

Wa Department of Information Services, Training ManagerThe Leadership Series was very well received.  It provided the information and networking opportunities managers need to be effective today and to plan for the future.  Marguerite Peterson was a delight to work with and the trainers are outstanding individuals with an obvious concern for meeting our needs.