Legendary Northwest Woman Entrepreneur and popular Seattle motivational speaker!

Sunny Kobe Cook

Sunny Kobe Cook gained popularity as the "Mattress Queen" with the company she founded, Sleep Country USA. Sunny began her career as a secretary, started her own business in January, 1991, sold it February 2000 and retired at age 42. As President/CEO, she received countless awards including: Inc. Magazine’s Northwest Woman Entrepreneur of the Year. She was featured on the cover of Washington CEO magazine. Her company became the first retailer to ever be named “ Best Place to Work” in Washington State.

Sunny Kobe Cook grew up in working class home in Kansas City, Kansas. Her family did not take vacations, let alone travel to exotic, foreign destinations. Yet, as a young girl, she always dreamed of faraway lands and the wonders they would hold. Before reaching her 40th birthday, Sunny realized her dream of visiting all seven continents. She has now realized a lifelong, personal dream by writing her own book, "COMMON THINGS, UNCOMMON WAYS" now available in stores.

In addition to being an award winning entrepreneur, Sunny is an inspirational speaker who shares with other business people proven techniques for growing your business through your staff.

Committed to the community, she also created a private foundation, Kobe Foundation, to expand the education of our young people beyond the scope of the classroom. Kobe Foundation funds grants to schools, civic groups and non-profit organizations to expand the education of young people beyond the classroom with projects, educational programs and field trips in business, arts, nature and culture.

Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)  – Sunny Kobe-Cook was an excellent choice for this particular event. The timing of her keynote brought laughter, good advice, energy, and a true feeling of self-worth to our staff. A terrific way to close a training session. Additionally, Sunny’s passion and focus on education and her dedication to the Kobe Foundation brought a strong, personal tie-in for her audience, the Washington State K-12 education agency.