Futurist speaker who will take you on a leap into our future !

Richard Yonck

Richard Yonck is a professional futurist and founder of Intelligent Future Consulting in Seattle. Richard has been an advisor to businesses and organizations about emerging trends and future developments for over twenty years. Richard focuses on helping explore the future with an eye to how this knowledge can assist with strategic planning, preparing for potential eventualities and promoting a client's preferred future. As a speaker, he routinely challenges assumptions and preconceptions, while sharing keen insights about tomorrow's world. As one CEO audience member recently observed, "Richard’s presentations provided us with a leap-frog perspective of the shape of things to come, helping us better prepare for the days ahead.”

An avid writer and thought leader, Richard's new book HEART OF THE MACHINE: Our Future in a World of Artificial Emotional Intelligence (Arcade Publishing 2017) explores the emerging technologies making it possible for computers and robots to read, interpret, replicate, and even influence human emotions. It was well reviewed by Time Magazine and The New York Times Book Review, a best seller in multiple categories on Amazon and is already required reading in several college courses around the country.

As a speaker, Richard is a compelling guide to the changes and challenges we’ll face in the coming decades. Audiences of all sizes – from professional organizations, think tanks and business leaders to civic groups, educational festivals and public forums – have called his presentations “fascinating”, “inspiring” and “thought-provoking.” Richard specializes in distilling complex technologies and developments in a way that is suitable for audiences regardless of their familiarity with the subject matter being discussed. Exploring developing trends in artificial intelligence, finance and economics, healthcare, biotechnology and genetics, transportation, robotics, and more, Richard identifies key factors to provide guidance and insights that help listeners identify and work toward their preferred future.

Richard has advised clients ranging from Global Fortune 500 companies such as Amazon, Samsung, and Xerox to organizations such as TIAA, American Cancer Society and the Washington State College Board. He believes that strategic foresight and futures planning can serve all organizations and individuals, large and small, and is an impassioned advocate about the many benefits of futures thinking.

Richard is formerly the computing and AI contributing editor for The Futurist Magazine and has been published by and quoted in the New York Times, Scientific American, Forbes, Fast Company, Psychology Today, Wired, World Future Review, BBC News, Sports Illustrated, Singularity Hub, H+ Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily and many others. A board member of the Association of Professional Futurists and a member of the National Association of Science Writers, Richard is also a TED speaker. His talk "How Technology Transforms Human Intelligence" can be found on the TED YouTube channel.