An exciting Latino Speaker, International speaker, and Master of Ceremonies!

Rafael Colon

Latino Speaker, International Speaker, and Master of Ceremonies

Rafael Colón is an international speaker, a successful entrepreneur, emerging market consultant, leadership effectiveness coach and an award-winning author. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Mr. Colón is a popular international keynote speaker and master of ceremony.
As a speaker, Mr. Colón is recognized for presenting dynamic keynotes to local and international audiences.  Mr. Colón speaks before audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and beyond. His energizing keynotes, offered in English or Spanish, address personal peak performance, leadership, and career revitalization.

Rafael's passion for inspiring excellence was twice recognized by the International Association of Personnel. He was honored with the Washington State Award of Merit and the International President's Award for advancement of professional education and personnel development in Puerto Rico with the Department of Labor and Human Resources. He is a graduate of Washington State University and his passion for lifelong learning led to doctoral studies in human and organizational development.

Serving as radio and web broadcast host, Mr. Colón served as the web broadcast anchor for the Hispanic Broadcast TV Network–MRO venue in Europe, National Association of Latino Independent Producers, National Association of Broadcasters, LEAtv, the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Annual Convention–Job Centro Career Fair, and the Edward James Olmos Latino Book and Family Festivals throughout the U.S.
Keynote Speaker
Mr. Colón is applauded for his charismatic and inspiring performances. His delivery is upbeat, his style is engaging and his content is practical. His international appeal, customized message and joyful energy positively impact an event.

Master of Ceremony
Mr. Colón serves as host and master of ceremony for government, corporate and association events throughout the U.S. He uses skill, wit and experience to manage the program agenda - recognizing key personnel, sponsors, dignitaries and guests, thus ensuring unique added-value service to his client’s events.

Facilitator, Executive Team and Management Sessions
When facilitating team retreats, Mr. Colón guides the group to solutions created through their active participation. Whether strategic planning, leadership, or team unity sessions, he keeps people actively involved, committed to the process and on track to meet the desired outcomes.

Consultant, Leadership Effectiveness
He provides coaching to executives and managers to enhance their leadership effectiveness and performance including guidance on leadership style awareness, leading their multicultural work force through inclusion strategies and effective team management.

Rafael’s book, The Salsa Solution: Adding Picante To Your Life, received the prestigious Best Business Book Award, English Language, at the 9th Annual International Latino Book Awards during the 2007 BookExpo America in New York City. He also received the 1998 North American Book Exchange "Best Business Book of the Year Award" for his book, Journey to Success: 8 Steps to Avoid the Career Dormido Virus.

Rafael Colón is characterized as a visionary leader, an innovative and creative speaker, and an excellent ambassador for professional service to