Mastering the Social Media Experience

Mel DePaoli

Melanie is an international author and national speaker who is passionate about helping you create your unforgettable brand.
She challenges her audience to examine how they think of branding, where they can change, and why this means the end of marketing departments as we know them. Her presentations are engaging, inspiring, and humorous...and will challenge the way your organization views what is important, and change how you build your brand.
Melanie DePaoli builds brands worthy of going viral by moving your brand from “just” marketing into the operations of your business. With over a decade of experience, she has worked with businesses ranging from one-man startups to international companies. Melanie speaks and consults with companies on the secret of achieving loyalty through an unforgettable brand experience and why this is actually what makes or breaks a company’s ability to achieve loyalty. She’s worked in radio, as a video director, developed computer based training for the US Navy, planned events, and as an adjunct professor teaching communication through multimedia.
Melanie is the president of Omicle where she helps companies develop their own brand experience to achieve the customer loyalty, market share, and the profitability they desire. Her clients have won “Best Place to Work” and “Most Innovative” awards and have even been featured in national magazines. She is also the author of three culture-driven books.