A master humorist and Seattle motivational speaker for conferences and conventions

Marilyn Grey

Add a spark to your holiday party and events throughout the year! 

Marilyn Grey's keynote and after dinner presentations have captivated audiences nationally and internationally. Each year, more than 50,000 people are informed and entertained by Marilyn as she talks about the effect of laughter on stress reduction, team building, and empowering ourselves in times of change. Warmth and wit allow Marilyn to relate quickly and intimately with her audiences. In addition to being an outstanding speaker, Marilyn is a highly respected educator, school psychologist, college faculty member and author of the book It's All In Your Head.

Marilyn Grey was born in Portland Oregon in a year somewhat prior to the current one. She graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor's Degree in English and a Master's Degree in School Psychology.

Marilyn went on to teach high school for one remarkably unsuccessful year, the work being much harder than she had ever anticipated doing in her whole life. Next she became a school psychologist, succeeding beyond her wildest dreams (29 years of steady employment). She first worked with school children and later with adults in a Wellness and Employee Assistance Program.

During this time she began teaching at the University level. This was her niche, standing up in front of an audience and showing off. Marilyn has spoken before more than a million people across the United States, Canada and Australia.

Her keynotes address the importance of laughter in dealing with change and stress - always memorable and entertaining. Marilyn Grey has written a book, gone hot air ballooning, plays golf and bridge, and practices nonsense of all kinds. She is an astonishing success in her own eyes and is having a world of fun being alive on this planet.