Dynamic Seattle keynoter  who tells of his inspirational adventures with stories from the world’s highest peaks

Leif Whittaker

Leif Whittaker is a writer, keynote speaker and adventurer from Port Townsend, Washington.

In his keynotes, Legacy of Adventure, he presents a heartfelt journey that will inspire everyone to reach for their highest dreams.

 Leif has climbed to the highest summits in South America (Aconcagua), Antarctica (Mount Vinson), and Asia (Mount Everest - twice!). He has also sailed for four-years throughout the South Pacific islands, lived with squatters in Europe, been robbed on the buses of Ecuador, and built an off-the-grid log cabin in the wilderness of Washington State. He is a published writer whose work has appeared on the Born Out There blog, in Window Magazine. He is also an accomplished keynote speaker and the unique perspective that he presents will educate, entertain and inspire.  

His greatest passion is storytelling. Accompanied by photographs and video segments, Leif will present his unique perspective from the highest places on the planet. His keynotes reflect his candor, humor and passion for adventure and are sure to entertain, motivate and truly inspire.

Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals
Leif is a rock star! Everyone loved him. He could hardly get out of the building because so many people wanted to talk to him. He impressed them not only with his accomplishments, but with his demeanor, his professionalism, his humility, and his approachability. Really, I just can't say enough good things.  I am simply delighted he joined us for our annual event.

Our workforce is diverse, and he was a hit with everyone. The 50-60 year olds seemed to want to talk to him the most, because they met his dad, or knew someone who climbed with his dad, etc.

Thank you for arranging for Leif. He was perfect!

 Fairbanks Convention & Visitors BureauLeif Whittaker was very personable and well organized and meticulous in his presentation set up and delivery. His presentation was well received by a wide range of business sectors from small tourism businesses to emergency service personnel.