Consultant and trainer on aging - the mature market and the mutli-generational workforce.

Dr. John W. Gibson

Dr. Gibson is a recognized expert on understanding and leading our aging and multi-generational workforce and on our rapidly growing 50+ population. John is a trainer, coach, author, speaker, and educator. He has been on the faculties of Columbia University and the University of Washington. He is the author of 5 books including Four Generations: Bringing Out the Best in Our Multi-Geneational Workforce, and, Older Workers: 60 Days to Understanding and Bringing Out the Best in Our Aging Workforce. Whether working with individuals, teams, or large groups, John is noted for his warmth, humor, and unique blend of creativity and practicality. Through his experience and expertise on self-management, personal and workplace communication and interpersonal skills, he brings out the best in difficult employees, difficult situations, busy managers, and inspiring leaders.

John is a dynamic keynoter who educates, inspires and entertains. His background includes a doctorate and a masters degree from Columbia University and a masters degree from the University of Michigan with specialties in psychology, social work and aging. He has held positions on the faculties of Columbia University and the University of Washington and retains an affiliate faculty relationship with the University of Washington.

John is a member of The International Coaching Federation, The National Speakers Association, The International Federation of Professional Speakers, The International Society for Retirement Planning, The Gerontological Society of America, and The Executive Service Corp of Washington.

DOL state leadership conferenceI enjoyed the John Gibson keynote and the topic. Interesting to learn the differences in communication styles, manners, etc. from one generation to the next. I came out of there with a better understanding how to effectively communicate with generations outside of my own. Important to realize intergenerational communication challenges exist and factors that influence us, I hope the participants take it another step and realize we each bring our preferred communication style. The work force is no longer only diverse as far as different cultures. Older people are staying longer and younger people are entering the work force sooner and you have the in-betweeners. We have several generations working together and this presentation taught the differences and how to work through them by recognizing those differences..