Internationally recognized futurist, author, and dynamic keynoter.

Dr. Jennifer James

Internationally noted Keynoter & Seattle Futurist

Jennifer James is an internationally noted futurist, keynoter, and writer who is an expert in helping individuals and organizations to successfully move forward into the future. She believes that success comes from learning to welcome change by taking advantage of the opportunities it can bring.

Jennifer helps individuals, companies, and institutions meet the challenges of our changing times. Her keynotes and seminars present a broad view of American culture in transition and offer specific strategies for handling problems in the workplace, community and the home.

A popular author, Jennifer's books include: Life Is A Game of Choice, Success Is the Quality of Your Journey, Windows, Success is Yourself Against Criticism and Visions from the Heart. Her latest book, Thinking in the Future Tense, is the foundation for one of her most popular presentations. As a lecturer, James shows people how to deal with the dynamics of change.

In Thinking in the Future Tense, Jennifer provides a thought provoking keynote on what the future holds for us. She provides strong metaphors that highlight the rapid, deep and broad changes in our environment and culture. She is able to walk an audience through cultural evolution and help interpret cultural myths and symbols that will affect our lifestyle. Her message creates perspective on how we will age with technology and how future generations will evolve around technology and the lifestyle changes that will come with it.

One of Jennifer's unusual talents lies in her delivery of engaging keynotes that are entertaining yet create a vision of the future and how it will affect us personally.