Author & Speaker on High Touch, High Tech Personal Balance, Social Change, & Boundary Issues 

Dr. Jane Adams

Author & Speaker on High Touch, High Tech Personal Balance, Social Change, & Boundary Issues  

A dynamic, exciting and empathetic speaker whose presentations illuminate contemporary trends in life styles and choices, provide tools and strategies to increase personal satisfaction and professional achievement, and motivate audiences to take control of their lives, expand their horizons, and fulfill their goals.

A skilled coach and life boundaries consultant whose expertise, advice and assistance can improve your relationships with your grown children, parents and other family members, friends and colleagues and help you balance your needs with those of others and your personal and professional obligations and commitments.

A social psychologist grounded in life stage theory and research whose experience in issues affecting adjustment to midlife is particularly relevant to baby boomers and their families. Jane has appeared on many national television and radio programs, including Oprah!, Donahue, and CNN to discuss her strategies for helping people adjust to change and create happier, more productive lives and relationships.

A best-selling writer whose books on how people cope with the problems and rewards of balancing personal and professional obligations and develop emotionally and psychologically throughout their lives. Her articles and essays have appeared in every major magazine and newspaper, including The New York Times

As a speaker, Jane will motivate your audiences to create healthier, happier and more satisfying lives! Her keynote presentations provide solid information as well as innovative strategies and techniques, all delivered with warmth, wit, and empathy.

A best-selling author, and media commentator, Jane Adams' knowledge, insights and humor make annual meetings, fundraisers, conferences, or educational programs outstanding events to remember.

Clients say:  Jane really does her homework: she understood our mission, made an effort to speak to our specific concerns, and made our donor lunch the most successful event we've ever had.

The response was extraordinary--she really captured the audience and gave us our best meeting in years! She brings a lot of credibility to her presentations. The best program we've ever had--smart, savvy, and moving.