Bestselling Author, International Speaker and Executive Coach specializing in “Empowering Professionals to Potential.”

Dr. Coyte Cooper

Dr. Coyte Cooper, a premier in-demand international keynote speaker, is an expert in the area of High Performance where he focuses on empowering professionals to live to potential.  A bestselling author, podcast host, executive coach, and former NCAA Division I All-American, Dr. Cooper specializes in creating transformational systems and strategies that are designed to help leaders and business professionals radically improve their balance, clarity, ENERGY, motivation and vision so they can cultivate MASSIVE results in their lives.
Dr. Cooper has written two books in the past three years that are designed to help people go out and live to their full potential. The new bestselling Make Your Mark book was written to help people create a daily approach that allows them to achieve success, live with purpose, and make an impact on the world. The first book that Dr. Cooper wrote was Impressions and this book was written to help people understand the power of personal branding so they can leave lasting impressions on the people around them each day. 

Dr. Cooper has developed a series of POWERFUL motivational keynotes (and training sessions) that are designed to help leaders, event and meeting planners, and decision-makers create memorable experiences for their people.  His popular “Flip the Script,” “Empowering Employee Potential,” and “Perspective Sparks Potential” keynotes are designed to engage audience members while also giving them simple, practical steps they can take immediately to increase their results and quality of life in a profound way.  

Each of Dr. Cooper’s topic areas can be customized based on the needs of the client’s audience.  He strives to make EVERY talk ENGAGING, INSPIRING, and MEMORABLE for his clients.  The end goal of every presentation that Dr. Cooper delivers is to inspire and inform professionals so they can access their highest potential.