Porcupine trainer & geriatric cheerleader - fun, fun, fun !

Dorothy Wilhelm

Want some holiday fun - Dorothy delivers!

Dorothy Wilhelm inspires audiences all over the United States to laugh more, and get more out of life. This gem of a motvational speaker specializes in dealing with change, motivation, and inspiration, but doing it with lots of laughter and fun.

Dorothy calls herself a porcupine trainer. That's her term for the sticky situations and prickly people we all have to face on a daily basis. She believes we all handle porcupines every day, whether we want to or not. She is a professional humorist, speaker, radio and TV personality who brings energy, good humor and fun to her presentations on using creativity to solve the problems of daily living and welcoming life change with enthusiasm.

Dorothy is a familiar Northwest media personality and motivational speaker. She hosts and produces a series on Comcast TV called My Home Town, and writes a newspaper column which appears regularly in the Tacoma News Tribune and in national publications. Her new book, Don't Tease the Porcupines! will be available soon. Her poem "As Long as It Matters" is included in Wishing you Well collected by June Cotner, published by Loyola Press, Inc. 2005. She is a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (as well as the National Speakers Association and the National Columnists Association).

Dorothy is the creator of seminars which use humor and practical strategies to enable audiences to develop their own creative resources to manage life change. In addition to her current programs, Dorothy produced and hosted 50-50 for ten years. This was a program for people enjoying their second fifty years. Dorothy was the creator of the award winning Never Too Late on KH20 radio Tacoma. As Creativity Expert for many years on KIRO radio and TV, her humorous features appeared weekly. (KIRO is the CBS affiliate in Seattle and the largest news/information station in the Northwest.) Her radio broadcasts have drawn thousands of requests for reprints. Her column appears nationally in such publications as 50 & Better.

Dorothy takes humor seriously - believing it's very important to laugh. She focuses on personal skills that will help audience members begin to see ways to deal with inevitable change. Her presentations can ensure that we can be ready to meet change and use it to our advantage, instead of simply reacting.

Thank you thoroughly for the amazing performance you gave at our celebration last night. You were amazing - you keyed in perfectly to the audience and they loved every minute of it. i keep hearing comments from residents and the staff how much they enjoyed your show. One of our residents said she hadn't laughed that hard in years. So thank you!!! It was all we hoped for and more. Looking forward to your next visit to Bayview! You are a treasure Dorothy!!!