Gifted Motivational Speaker with a Mission

Digene Farrar

Digene Farrar is a gifted motivational speaker with a mission. Determined to empower survivors, she speaks about her journey from hate, shame, and fear to acceptance, healing, and self-love. Digene uses her own experiences of healing to inspire others to fulfill the life of their dreams. Thirteen years ago, her instincts as a nurse led her straight into the World Trade Center disaster as it was happening. Witnessing the horror of 9/11 at Ground Zero reactivated secret traumas from her childhood.

In her book Not My Secret to Keep, Digene uses her own story to encourage survivors, partners, and families not to suffer in silence, but to walk the path of recovery and fulfill the life of their dreams.

Digene has also shared her inspiring story by performing in a noteworthy play TELLING; Adult Survivors of Child Sex Abuse Step Into the Light Circle which was presented at the Ashland Shakespeare Festival as well as other venues.  In the gripping play TELLING, the true stories of seven adult survivors are woven together to create a tapestry of pain, secrecy, and ultimately, hope. 

Digene lives in Seattle with her husband where she continues to work in nursing, modeling, and acting. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a Master in Business Administration, and Certification as a Training Specialist. As a Registered Nurse, Digene has worked in various departments including: Cardiovascular Intensive Care, Medical-Surgical Unit, Eating Disorders, and Community Health. She is a gifted speaker who has lectured to medical professionals as well as to large audiences of college age women on health issues and motivational topics. Digene has mentored young women through the Big Sisters and Girls First (YWCA) organizations, and volunteered at Seattle Rape Relief.