This keynoter with endless energy throws off more sparks than a space shuttle launch!!

Bonnie Dean

Bonnie deftly involves and guides her audiences using stories (theirs and her own) and activities that leave them with the gifts of appreciation and gratitude. Sound like fun? IT IS! One audience member described her presentation as a blow-the-doors-off, knock-the-chairs-over, rattle-the-walls one –woman show.

She calls it “Bonnie Dean UNPLUGGED”, because there is NO PowerPoint, nothing fancy, just Bonnie, her suitcase of props & prizes, her trademark pair of sparkling tennis shoes, and your people having the time of their lives …while digesting a solid message!

Bonnie Dean in motion, helping people re-discover themselves. Her extensive knowledge of value-based communication skills, team building through creativity and fun, her interactive teaching style and her understated sense of humor create a stimulating learning environment for industry professionals and layman alike! “Bonnie has a knack for conveying the human side of communication”, says Shirley Salter of Boeing North America. People walk out the door feeling good about WHO THEY ARE!

Known internationally as ‘The Motion Coach’ , her gift is taking common sense tools and creating uncommon results by putting the focus on the audience and letting them shine!” Her programs have been heard from South Africa to Canada, Australia to France… and all the places in between. Bonnie takes organizations and people to deeper levels of commitment, accountability, caring, connection & community.

While your people are laughing along they’re learning valuable life skills about how to better get along with others, communicating, appreciation and gleaning the most from the times of our lives. On top of it all, she is the author of three books. Magnetic Leadership, Give Stress A Rest and Rising to the Top.