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Albert Mensah

The story of Albert Mensah, "Prince of Possibilities," is one of triumph over adversity and of acting on every opportunity to make his greatest dreams a reality. Albert grew up in Ghana, Africa, one of the most impoverished nations in the world. He was born in a village which had neither electricity or plumbing. As a child he walked eight miles, barefoot, twice a day to carry firewood and water back to his family's home.

At age eight his family moved to the city. Here Albert saw an American movie and discovered the fantastic opportunities there. Getting to America became his dream, his passion, and his goal. He did everything he could from "practically living at the library" to learn everything he could about America, to earning money for stamps to keep in touch with his American pen pals. His friends, aware of his obsession, soon gave him the nickname "States." In 1978, Albert's dream came true when he won a full four-year scholarship to Western Maryland College.

On August 29, 1994, another dream became reality when Albert proudly took the oath of American Citizenship. He entered the sales arena and quickly exceeded his sales quota. He soon went on to become a successful business owner himself. Albert's love of being with and in front of people led him to the speaker's platform where he has earned a host of awards.

Albert is now a highly sought-after speaker whose engaging stories inspire audiences to action, both in their personal and professional lives. Because of his background in sales, he understands your company's dual goals to increase morale and to increase productivity. In Albert’s captivating presentations, he shows audiences how to recognize opportunities they might otherwise overlook. He shows them how to seek out opportunities in the face of “fear snakes” like change, challenges and other obstacles, and then how to develop an action plan to act on those opportunities today.

Albert leaves a lasting impression everywhere he goes by speaking from his heart with passion and humor.