The 'Yes, And' Manifesto by Galen Emanuele

                                                                The ‘Yes, And’ Manifesto
We commit to embracing and contributing to a ‘Yes, And’ culture. We recognize the tremendous value of a cohesive, intentional, positive culture of high-level engagement that brings out the best in each of us. The principles of ‘Yes, And’ guide our actions and dictate how we interact, behave, and treat each other on a daily basis, as well as the way we approach business.

We Say Yes
We strive to enthusiastically say yes to one another, our clients, and the people we do business with. We accept ideas and remain open to new ways of doing things. We actively look for ways to make things work, rather than focusing on why they won’t. When we do say no to ideas, we are mindful of our choice of words and nonverbal communication, recognizing our power to affect others.
We Listen
We are present, focused, and attentive in our communications. We tune in and connect to one another; aware of our eye contact and body language. We go beyond just hearing what is said; we also attempt to hear what is meant. We make others feel considered and valued by acknowledging and validating their perspectives. We avoid interrupting or only listening enough to form responses. We use listening as a tool to achieve great outcomes. If what we hear changes our minds, we allow our minds to be changed.
We Make Each Other Look Good
We invest in the success of those around us and celebrate their achievements. We are generous with our praise of each other and are quick to lend a hand to correct mistakes, regardless of who made them. We don’t indulge or participate in gossip, or talk about others except to lift them up. We do everything in our power to prevent others from failing or falling short. When given the opportunity to point out people’s mistakes or shortcomings, we don’t. e honor and recognize that the diverse personalities, perspectives, and talents of our people make us stronger as a whole; we don’t allow them to divide us. We address conflicts immediately with clarity and compassion, seeking to understand and achieve mutually beneficial resolutions.
We Embrace Change & Failure
We take full responsibility to do our absolute best in any situation and let that guide our outcomes. We fearlessly strive for excellence, while accepting that imperfection and setbacks are inevitable. We accept challenges and aim to continuously learn and grow from our experiences. We identify areas we can improve and ask for support, able to admit our weaknesses and failures. Setbacks and unexpected circumstances do not shake our resolve; we accept them as a valuable part of our growth and we choose to learn from them.
We Choose Positivity
Our language and contributions to one another come from a positive place. We set our sights on overcoming challenges, not focusing on problems. We avoid needlessly injecting negativity into conversations or situations. We attempt to impact the people around us by inspiring and delighting them whenever possible. We genuinely believe that by intentionally fostering a ‘Yes, And’ culture we can achieve anything.